One Piece Debuts Episode 1000 Key Visual

One Piece is on the move right now, and anime fans are gripping on for dear life. After all, the hit show is winding towards a big battle with Luffy and Kaido stuck in the center. Of course, all of this is leading up to the anime's 1,000th episode, and One Piece just gave fans a peek at the big milestone thanks to a new poster.

The key visual went live over on Twitter courtesy of the One Piece team. The poster, which can be found below, features a slew of heroes and baddies alike. Luffy is seen dead center throwing a punch at Kaido while the Beasts Pirates leader winds back his club. So clearly, the pair aren't holding back.

As for the rest of this One Piece visual, the Straw Hat crew can be found on all sides of Luffy. From Nami to Chopper and Jinbei, the gang is all together, and they are ready to throw out their best attacks. Even Robin is ready to fight, so you know the situation is serious when she comes onto the field.

Of course, there are others by Luffy's side like Yamato. The hero just made their debut in the anime not long ago, and fans are already loving Yamato's bright personality. Episode 1,000 will keep Yamato in its lineup as well, and One Piece fans are hoping Luffy's other allies make a brief appearance. After all, Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid bring some major firepower to the group!

And obviously, the villains are having their own moment here. Kaido is leading the charge while Queen, Black Maria, Ulti, and others watch his back. The Beasts Pirates have tons of foot soldiers at hand, but the gang's upper echelon is hard to beat. The World Government doesn't call Kaido and his crew one of the strongest in history for no reason. And as the anime approaches its big milestone, Luffy will learn that lesson the hard way.

Can you believe One Piece is nearly at episode 1000? How hyped are you for the show's big milestone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.