One Piece Teases Kid's Uprising After a Traitor Appears

Eustass Kid was plenty prepared to follow allow with the rebel forces' Onigashima invasion plans in One Piece, but the latest chapter sees him throw this all away in order to get back at a traitor that once hurt his crew. Chapter 980 of the series sees Luffy and the massive rebel army make their way into Kaido's home base of Onigashima successfully, and while they have a plan to sneak through the enemies undetected -- that plan was immediately thrown out by Kid when he spots Scratchmen Apoo at the big party.

When Luffy and Zoro started to tear apart the party, Kid was all too happy to just continue sneaking along as planned as he made his way toward Kaido. But when he sees Apoo, he begins to get enraged as seeing the traitor definitely opened something within him. With this rage, he gathers his metal and various junk materials together for a devastating Punk Gibson.

Scratchmen Apoo was notably a part of a major pirate alliance alongside Eustass Kid once they made their way into the New World, and that broken alliance was actually what brought Kid to Wano Country in the first place. Upon making their way to Kaido's territory, Apoo revealed that he secretly had ties to the Beasts Pirates and betrayed Kid as a result.

One Piece Eustass Kid Uprising Traitor Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

This led to fellow member of the Worst Generation, Killer, being disfigured beyond recognition with the SMILE Fruit and Kid locked away in the Udon prison. Upon their reunion during the Onigashima party, marking the first time Apoo has seen Kid since that betrayal, Kid has decided to cash in these receipts despite his earlier wishes to make his way to Kaido. Because while defeating Kaido is definitely important, righting the wrongs against his crew is even more so.


Thankfully this all happens well after Luffy and Zoro caused a ruckus all on their own and revealing their location anyway, so Kid might have blown the roof off the whole thing had those two not made a move first. Either way, it's clear now that the Wano Country arc's final war has indeed begun as we'll see how these battles evolve through the rest of the arc.

What did you think of Kid getting his big revenge moment? Will he have what it takes to defeat Scratchmen Apoo after that betrayal? What are you hoping to see in the next chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!