Netflix’s One Piece Shares First Look at Script

One Piece is in the thick of the War for Wano in both its anime and manga series, but the series [...]

One Piece is in the thick of the War for Wano in both its anime and manga series, but the series will also be receiving a live-action adaptation via the streaming service of Netflix, joining the likes of Cowboy Bebop this fall and Yu Yu Hakusho at an undetermined time. While the cast, release date, and footage from the adaptation have yet to be revealed, the Shonen franchise has given fans a first look at the script behind the first episode of the upcoming live-action adventure that will dive into the early adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Prior to the official arrival of One Piece, creator Eiichiro Oda had originally called the story of Luffy and his crew, "Romance Dawn," which had a number of similarities to what we would come to know as One Piece but definitely had its fair share of differences. With the Netflix series giving us a first look at the script for episode one, it seems as though the initial outing for the new take on the Shonen classic will be paying homage to the original story that also received its own anime adaptation, keeping Luffy the same but ultimately changing up some of his supporting characters.

The Official Twitter Account for Netflix's upcoming One Piece series shared the first look at the script, letting fans know that the teleplay was written by Matt Owens and Steve Maeda and that it's clear that the live-action adaptation is well versed in the history of the Grand Line:

The first season of this One Piece adaptation is set to be ten episodes, but the creative minds behind the series haven't been shy about their love of the franchise and how they are looking to do Luffy and the Straw Hats justice. With the Cowboy Bebop live-action series set to land this fall, it seems as though One Piece will be in good company.

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