Netflix's One Piece Writer Gives Release Date Update

One Piece has been a constant in the anime realm for decades now, and the show deserves every [...]

One Piece has been a constant in the anime realm for decades now, and the show deserves every accolade it has received. The anime has ranked as a favorite for years with fans around the world, and many of them have literally grown up with the series. Of course, that means all eyes are on Netflix's adaptation of One Piece as live-action anime has not always done well. And as it turns out, there is still no firm release date in mind for the project.

This latest update comes from the show's head writer Matt Owens. The scribe did a recent interview with THE REVERIE, a popular podcast done by Rogersbase about One Piece. It was there Owens shared a lot of details about the project, but the one thing he could not speak to was the show's release window.

"I honestly can't tell you when you could expect it to be on TV yet because the infinite wisdom of Netflix's Skynet algorithm will say when this show should be on. And we won't really have a window for that until we start shooting," the writer said.


There is one thing Owens said has put a hamper on One Piece's release date. As you can imagine, the global pandemic has not been friendly to any sort of filming, and this Netflix adaptation has experienced no difference.

"COVID has thrown a gigantic wrench in things. What that has allowed us to do though, trying to take positives out of the whole situation, is get more time to get things right. We can't be shooting, we can't be building anything, but getting design work down all that kind of stuff. We still have time to be doing things like that. Things are still moving even though, from a certain perspective, we are behind."

At this point, work on One Piece is in pre-production as casting has yet to be completed. With filming still far away on the schedule, it could be 2022 before this live-action romp goes live and brings the Straw Hat crew with it!

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