UFC Star Weighs In with an Impressive One Piece Cosplay

When it comes to the UFC, the need to stand out is greater than ever, and fighters within the community have their own ways of getting attention. For some, flashy moves are the way to go while others combine their skillset with a special look. That combination is working for Roxanne Modafferi in a big way these days, and fans were reminded of that this week during one of the fighter's weigh-ins.

The check-in took place earlier this week as UFC prepared for a new batch of fights in Las Vegas. It was there Modafferi stood before fans ahead of the event to weigh in. The UFC star came in at a solid 125 pounds of muscle, and she did so while dressed as one of the leanest pirates sailing the Grand Line.

As you can see below, Modafferi is dressed as Luffy in her latest weigh-in. The fighter is wearing a black face mask given the ongoing pandemic, but her hat is paying homage to One Piece and the East Blue. She has on a straw hat just like Luffy, and her navy blue bikini top further evokes the Straw Hats with its beachy color.

This isn't the first time Modafferi has shown up to a UFC event in casual cosplay. The fighter is a well-known anime fan, and she has a large following in Japan. Not only does Modafferi post about anime frequently on social media, but she brings that spirit into the ring. After all, the fighter won her match after weighing in as Luffy, and she previously took on this opponent in a match where she shouted out Majin Vegeta. Clearly, Modafferi is channeling the right anime when it is time to pump up for a fight. So if Eiichiro Oda wants to give the UFC fighter a cameo in One Piece, we think most fans would be game for it!

What do you make of Modafferi's One Piece cosplay? Do you think Luffy would recruit the UFC star for his infamous crew? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.