One Piece Sets Up Sanji's Introduction to Yamato

One Piece has a good grasp on its heroes at this point, and none are more beloved than the Straw [...]

One Piece has a good grasp on its heroes at this point, and none are more beloved than the Straw Hats. Time and again, these heroes have shone bright thanks to their guidance under Luffy. Sanji has a big moment during the Whole Cake Island saga, and it seems he is about to strut out in Wano as the chef is moments away from meeting Yamato.

And yeah, you can guess how the flirty pirate will react to meeting the newcomer. Yamato may be a man, but his looks are feminine enough to make Sanji lose his mind.

The teaser came courtesy of chapter 1006 as it went live this week. One Piece kicked the story off with Yamato on the run with Shinobu after the pair were found out. Kaido's people are out to stop Momonosuke as the boy is hiding with Yamato, but the latter is not letting the boy go. In fact, Yamato is on the run with Momo, and the only person close to helping them is Sanji.

"Another broadcast. They're going after Momo and Shinobu. And who's young Master Yamato," Sanji asks himself as he hears about the pair's current situation. Of course, it doesn't take long for Sanji to book it for the imperiled group, and Sanji is surely going to go gaga for Yamato once they meet. It seems unlikely Kaido's kid will feel the same, but hey - Sanji has to shoot his shot when he can. The chef will surely turn tail when he realize how easily Yamato could twist him into a pretzel, but who knows? There is always a chance Sanji might be into that.

Of course, Sanji's help will be invaluable given the number of people tailing Yamato and Shinobu. Kaido's crew is out for blood, and they will not stop until the heir is dead. But as we all know, Yamato will die before anyone even touches Momo, so Sanji better show such devotion when he joins them.

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