New Report Clarifies One Piece's Next Emotional Bombshell

One Piece has gone through its share of emotional moments, and fans are always ready to read up on more. The ongoing Wano arc has brought up plenty of these moments, but none of them have prompted the manga's editors to give warning in advance. That changed this week when Ken Takano told fans he cried while reading the next chapter of One Piece, but a new report says the editor got his release dates mixed up.

For those needing a bit of explanation, One Piece celebrated its 23rd anniversary earlier this week, and it prompted all sorts of celebrations. The occasion prompted a few editors of One Piece to do a livestream hyping the franchise, and it was there Takano told fans an upcoming chapter moved him to tears.

As you can imagine, fans were excited about the news, and the livestream implied the chapter in question was 986. However, fan-translator newworldartur clarified the exact One Piece chapter after noting another bit of important dialogue.


"So I went through the bit where Oda's editor talks about tearing up and while easy to miss, Iwasaki briefly said it should be in the "the issue following the following Jump". This would imply that said emotional chapter is Chapter 987, not Chapter 986, important difference," the fan shared.

While fans are warned to take the exact chapter with a "grain of salt", they are no less excited for this reveal. One Piece has already riled fans with the Wano arc thanks to a few deaths, reunions, and flashbacks. The question remaining is whether Takano cried tears of joy or sorrow reading the teased chapter... so fans better brace themselves for anything.


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