One Piece Shows How Much Nami Believes in Luffy's Dream

One Piece's newest chapter shows just how much Nami truly believes in Luffy's dream to be king of the pirates. The Wano Country arc has kicked off its climactic war at Onigashima and the various Straw Hats have been spread out throughout the island as they take on their respective opponents. Nami and Usopp surprisingly ended up working with one another after Usopp ended up drawing attention toward Nami thanks to a hilariously cowardly moment, and now the two of them are up against two powerful members of the Tobi Roppo, Ulti and Page-One.

The newest chapter of the series picked up back where their battle left off, and the two Straw Hats are definitely worse for wear as both Ulti and Page-One's dinosaur based Devil Fruit abilities are far too strong against the two's usual bag of tricks. But even in the face of what could be her death, Nami refuses to back down from her belief that her captain will one day become the king of the pirates.

Chapter 995 of the series continues the fight between Nami, Usopp and Ulti and Page-One, and the two Tobi Roppo members are easily able to escape Usopp's special green star attacks. While we did not get to see how the battle shaped up before, it's clear Nami and Usopp were easily overwhelmed by Ulti's powerful skull crushing headbutts. The two of them have been bloodied and beaten.

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Ulti is angry, and thus tries to get Nami to explain why her captain said he'll become king of the pirates over Kaido. Nami apologizes because it's really what Usopp said to antagonize the foe. She even begs for to avoid another one of Ulti's headbutts, and Ulti agrees to back off if Nami admits that Luffy will never become king of the pirates.

Usopp even thinks to himself Nami should take this bit of mercy as lying would save her life, but Nami instead says "Luffy will never stop until he's king of the pirates." Nami says this because she knows it's true, and nothing she says will change that. But it's also one last bit of belief in her captain as she knows Luffy will someday accomplish this goal regardless of the foes in front of him.


Luckily, Otama and Komachiyo suddenly arrive to save the both of them, so we'll soon see the next phase of the battle as hopefully this buys time for Nami and Usopp to regroup for the next step. But what do you think of Nami's declaration? Can you believe she's come so far in her belief in Luffy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!