One Piece Editors Confirm a Huge Announcement Is About to Drop

One Piece fans are used to weekly updates on the Straw Hat crew, so you can see why the gang is out of sorts right now. With the anime on a break alongside the manga, all eyes are on the series' next update. One Piece promises to deliver something big when its next chapter goes live, and now a new update confirms its team will make a big announcement about One Piece this coming week.

The teaser comes courtesy of Eiichiro Oda's editors as a special photo was posted to social media. It was there the team confirmed the creator of One Piece has some news on the way, and it will go public on March 28th.

Now, if that date sounds familiar to you, then you are definitely keeping up with One Piece. The manga is on a break this week but will debut its next chapter on March 28th in Japan. The big update will welcome chapter 1044 to the world, and if you did not know, this new chapter promises to answer some big questions about Luffy and the Joy Boy.

After all, the manga just left One Piece fans on read with Luffy and his revival. The hero began chapter 1043 in a bad spot as Kaido managed to defeat the Straw Hat captain. Kaido went on to say the hero was dead, and as you can imagine, the entire Straw Hat crew was devastated. However, in the chapter's final moments, Momo seemed to realize something was up. It was then Luffy saw shown in shadow awakening on the battlefield where he was defeated, and the manga said the Joy Boy was now back.

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Clearly, the cliffhanger has spurred tons of fan theories, and One Piece readers expect chapter 1044 to be one of the manga's best yet. The fact that this teaser is slated to go down on the same day this new chapter is published has piqued our interest. So if you want to know what's on the horizon, will keep you informed as Oda's announcement draws near. 

What do you think of this mysterious teaser? Do you have any guesses about this One Piece announcement? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.