One Piece Teases an Awaited Escape Plan

One Piece has been busy with its Wano Country arc, and it is boiling to a climax as one hostage prepares to escape. If you are caught up on the series, you will know the Wano Rebel Army took a hit when its traitor snatched Momonosuke out of their hands. But it turns out that the young heir is determined to show his captor he's no wimp with a brewing escape plan.

If you have checked out the brand-new chapter of One Piece, you will know how things are shaking up with Momo. The poor boy was taken hostage by Kanjuro after the former ally revealed he's been working for Orochi this whole time. After Kanjuro revealed his true nature, he decided to take Momo to his boss, but he is having some trouble because none of the Beasts Pirates know his allegiance... and that has given Momo a solid idea.

"From the guard's perspectives, I'm just another one of my enemy samurai. I don't have time to deal with them. I need to report on what Kin'emon is up to," the traitor revealed.

With a slew of dead guards on the floor, Momo is able to begin formulating a plan despite being tied up and gagged. He notices there is a perfectly sized knife for him on the ground which one of Kaido's men dropped. The chapter shows Momo eyeing the weapon with clear interest, and he looks to Kanjuro after spotting the weapon.


If there is a way Momo can get ahold of the knife, he could use it in a few ways to escape. He might not have the courage to kill Kanjuro outright, but the knife could cut his binds if he is sneaky about it. The boy could outmaneuver Kanjuro for an escape, and the word is out on whether he will try to take a swipe on the traitor on the way out.

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