One Piece Does Usopp Dirty with One Gnarly Injury

One Piece has dealt some harsh blows to its heroes in the past, and there's nothing out there preventing them from collecting even more injuries down the line. In fact, that fate is hard to avoid if you are a Straw Hat because Luffy likes to fight. If he is going to become the King of the Pirates, Luffy will have to knock more heads on the way, and that means more skirmishes for the crew. And during a recent update, it was Usopp who got knocked out cold after taking a super gnarly hit.

The moment in question happened at the end of chapter 995. The War for Wano is in full swing now that the Straw Hats have been split up. Nami and Usopp paired together to make on some of Kaido's top soldiers. The only issue is that their foe has a talent for head butting people, and she knocks Usopp with a full-force hit.

One Piece Usopp Wano Opening 23
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The moment is fairly horrifying as Ulti charged towards Usopp to land a major hit. It seems the sniper was hit with one before, but this final blow was too much for his skull to handle. An x-ray is shown of Usopp's head after the head butt is dealt, and it shows something horrifying.

For one, Usopp's nose seems to be broken if not fractured at the very least. The front of his skull has also been fractured nicely. It doesn't seem like the bone gave away any which is good, but Usopp is definitely suffering from a compound skull fracture right now.

The attack appears to have knocked out Usopp immediately, so there is no telling what the attack will do long-term. It seems very unlikely that anything permanent will come from this hit, but Chopper is going to have to treat Usopp ASAP. The reindeer will fix up his comrade perfectly, but if One Piece was slightly more realistic, Usopp would be out of luck.


In the real world, compound skull fractures are nothing to laugh at. The injury is one of the worst you skull can endure, and Usopp appears to have been dealt a fairly severe one. Nearly 25% of people who endured moderate to severe head injures are partially disabled even after their skull fracture heals. So if Usopp makes it out of this fine, well - we all have Chopper to thank.

Do you think Usopp will avenge his poor nose? Or should the sniper bow out while he can? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.