One Piece Unveils Yamoto's Devil Fruit Form

One Piece has tons of Devil Fruits on hand, and they have given our heroes some very odd powers. While Luffy's treat might have made him rubbery, there are all kinds of Devil Fruits out there, and some can even change the form our pirates take on. And thanks to the manga, fans know Yamato wields one such power.

The whole thing went live this week when One Piece returned with chapter 1020. It was there fans checked on Yamato as the hero kept fighting their father, and Kaido wasn't pleased to see his son team up against him. Their fight forced Yamato to go on the defensive by using their Devil Fruit form, and it turns Oden's most loyal fan into a wolf deity.

According to One Piece, the Devil Fruit is called the Inu Inu no Mi. Its full model name goes by Okuchi no Makami, and it is a Zoan type. The mythical Devil Fruit turns Yamato into a fabled wolf, and Kaido goes on to say the wolf is "a guardian of the spirit of Wano."

For those wanting to know more about this fruit, well - it does have firm roots in Japanese lore. The Makami wolf was a real animal, and in the past, it was often worshipped by locals. The Makami were said to be deities who protected humans and protected them from misfortunes. However, as wolves began to depopulate in Japan, the deification of the Makami became rarer. However, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda has done his research, and he has given Yamato a form honoring these gods.

As for this new One Piece form, Yamato looks downright terrifying. The hero is given flowing fiery hair, and Yamato sprouts long ears at their temple. His face becomes foxy overall with a black snout, narrowed eyes, and fangs. This monstrous form isn't quite as graceful as Carrot's Sulong form, but it holds a certain gravity that suits Yamato. And once Momonosuke gets a hold on his Devil Fruit form, the two will be a formidable pair in Wano's pocket.


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