One Piece: Red Writer Details the Creator's Involvement in New Film

The screenwriter behind the upcoming One Piece: Red detailed original series creator Eiichiro Oda's involvement in the new film! Fans of the anime series had a lot to celebrate thanks to the debut of the 1000th episode of the series making its debut recently. This marked a major milestone for the anime (following the also impressive 1000th chapter milestone the manga had reached not long ago either), but it was soon made clear that the anime is far from slowing down. Together with the debut of the 1000th episode, it was announced that the franchise will soon be releasing a new feature film. 

The next feature film in the franchise, One Piece Film: Red, is currently scheduled for a launch in theaters next year in Japan, and it was announced that series creator Eiichiro Oda is serving as executive producer for the new project. Tsutomu Kuroiwa is returning for work on One Piece Film: Gold to provide the new script for the upcoming movie. Together with the announcement, Kuroiwa opened up about the process of putting it together and gave some details about working with Oda and director Goro Taniguchi. 

"As long as the script is good it will definitely be interesting!," Kuroiwa began. "As a result, when [series creator Eiichiro Oda] read the finished product, he said, 'The script is wonderful! I think I was able to fulfill my role.' Over the course of two years, I had discussions with [Eiichiro Oda] and [Director Goro Taniguchi], and the process of getting closer to the goal little by little, the days were like a dream come true, as if we were truly on a ship on an adventure."

Kuroiwa then hyped up the movie to come, and teased what fans could look forward to as such, "This is a story that was created by the collective efforts of many people. It will be a wonderful movie that will surely touch the hearts of many people. Please look forward to it!" One Piece Film: Red is currently scheduled to release on August 6th next year, but there have yet to be any international release plans made known for the feature just yet. So at least fans know when they'll be able to check out the newest film! 

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