One Piece: Red Is Reviving Manga Sales in a Big Way

One Piece: Red is out at last, and while the movie's stateside debut has yet to come, that hasn't stopped fans globally from embracing the release. The film is a box office hit in Japan, and a new report suggests the One Piece release accomplished a major goal. After all, the anime team wanted the movie to introduce the franchise to new fans, and a new sales report confirms One Piece manga is selling in a big way thanks to the film.

The update comes from Oricon over in Japan as the group tracks manga sales across the nation. As it turns out, One Piece is taking over the sales chart all thanks to its new movie. The franchise just broke a chart record as more than 60 volumes of One Piece are now ranking. Oricon has never had this many One Piece volumes listed at one time before now, so you can see why the chart is making waves.

As for what volumes are charting, well – it is all over the place. Volume 13 is trending on the chart but the same can be said for volumes 35, 78, and 81. It looks like new fans are coming into One Piece as hoped, but returning readers are also taking time to catch up on the IP. There has never been a better time to do so as the manga is just now entering its final act. So if fans want to follow Luffy on the last leg of his adventure, they need to catch up on his journeys ASAP.

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Of course, One Piece: Red has inspired fans to catch up on the franchise thanks to its solid story, and fans in the U.S. will get to experience it soon. Toei Animation has announced the film's stateside release, after all. The movie is expected to hit theaters this October, and it will follow Luffy as he is reunited with Shanks' long-lost daughter who happens to be one of the biggest pop stars on the Grand Line.

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