One Piece Film: Red Tickets Are Now on Sale

Since One Piece: Red announced that it would be bringing back Red-Haired Shanks to the Grand Line, fans have been speculating as to whether or not Luffy would finally re-unite with his mentor. Even with Shanks' comeback, fans were perhaps taken aback more by the fact that Uta was none other than the one-armed swashbuckler's daughter. Now, with the film hitting theaters in North America and around the world in a few weeks, tickets can be purchased to make sure your seat is saved for the Straw Hats' next big adventure.   

Prior to the movie's release, One Piece's television series released two episodes that took a breather from the War For Wano arc and instead focused on the earlier days of both Luffy and Uta. Sharing a history long before Luffy would board the Going Merry and/or Uta would become the Grand Line's ultimate diva, these adventures were unique to the anime and never found their way into the manga as it stands.  

The Official Twitter Account for Toei Animation shared the pre-sale news for the fifteenth One Piece movie, directing anime fans to where the tickets can be purchased online should they want to reserve their spot for the popular film:

If you're unfamiliar with the story that brings Shanks back to the world of the Grand Line while also introducing his daughter to the Straw Hat Pirates, Crunchyroll has released an official description for the film that sees the streaming service partner with Toei Animation to spread it around the world:

"Uta —the most beloved singer in the world. Renowned for concealing her own identity when performing, her voice has come to be described as "otherworldly." Now, for the first time ever, Uta will reveal herself to the world at a live concert. As the venue fills with all kinds of Uta fans—excited pirates, the Navy watching closely, and the Straw Hats led by Luffy who simply came to enjoy her sonorous performance—the voice that the whole world has been waiting for is about to resound. The story begins with the shocking fact that she is Shanks' daughter."  

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