One Piece to Release Special Sanji Cookbook

The Straw Hats Pirates consists of some of the biggest swashbucklers of the world of the Grand Line, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a better cook in any other crew than Sanji, the high kicking blond-haired member of Luffy's crew, and One Piece is set to release a cookbook later this year. Unfortunately, fans of Eiichiro Oda's epic Shonen tale won't be getting recipes to create Devil Fruits of their own, so those expecting this upcoming cookbook won't be giving anyone superpowers akin to Luffy's rubber body or Kaido's ability to transform into a flying dragon.

Sanji has been riding alongside the Straw Hat Pirates since early on in the franchise, arriving as the fifth member of Luffy's crew. While his cooking skills are able to do the job to keep the Straw Hats fed as they travel the world in their quest to make Luffy the king of the pirates, his fighting prowess has certainly helped them out far more. In the Wano Arc, he has taken something of a back seat to many of the other members of the Worst Generation as they all band together to attempt to free the isolated nation from the clutches of Kaido, Big Mom, and scores of Beast Pirates.

Viz Media shared the big One Piece news via their Official Twitter Account that One Piece: Pirate Recipes would be landing this fall, giving fans the opportunity to make the favorite dishes of the Straw Hat Pirates in their own homes to help imagine that they to are sailing the Grand Line:

The pirates of One Piece certainly are fans of food and this cookbook was released in 2012, but sold significantly well with this upcoming release marking the first time that it has hit North American shows. The list of foods that fans will be able to scope out in this upcoming publication will include Gin's Takeout Stirfry, Unbelievably Awful (Great) Soup, Luffy's Favorite - Meat On The Bone, Sky Island Specialty Fruit, and Split The Booty Sandwiches to name a few.

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