One Piece Tests Zoro With New Battle Against Seraphim Mihawk

One Piece Episode 1105 saw Zoro clash with the Mihawk Seraphim!

One Piece's anime is now working its way through the chaos of the Egghead Arc, and the newest episode finally saw Roronoa Zoro clash with the Seraphim resembling Dracule Mihawk! One Piece has reached a new phase of the Egghead Arc as Luffy and the Straw Hats have gathered at the Frontier Dome to devise a way to get off the future island laboratory with Dr. Vegapunk. But the World Government is closing in fast, and thus the Seraphim have begun to run wild following Rob Lucci giving them the order to break into Vegapunk's laboratory. But it's not quite over just yet. 

One Piece's previous episode revealed that Stussy was actually working against the members of CP0 as she transformed and quickly took out Lucci and Kaku before they did any more damage. But thanks to her authority levels being the same as theirs, she couldn't stop the Seraphim from attacking Vegapunk's lab. With two of the Vegapunk satellite's getting into motion, Zoro had a brief run in with the Hawkeye Seraphim and realized that it might not be as strong as the real Hawkeye himself. Check it out in the video below as shared by Crunchyroll: 

One Piece Episode 1105: Zoro vs. the Seraphim

One Piece Episode 1105 sees Lillith and Edison trying to get to the outside of the laboratory in order to stop the Seraphim with their higher authority levels. When Lilith gets to the scene, the Seraphim quickly target her and the Hawkeye resembling one sends a powerful slash her way. While the previous episodes have showcased just how tough these new military weapons can be, Zoro ends up saving Lillith from this slash and intercepts the Seraphim on pretty much the same level of power. 

Quickly catching on that while this Seraphim resembles Mihawk, Zoro hilariously notes that the real Mihawk himself seems far less human than this machine weapon. The Seraphim then visibly struggles against Zoro, and is almost surprised to see that someone is on its level. It's a fight that ends relatively quickly as the Vegapunks get the Seraphim to stop attacking, so fans don't get to see much more of how Zoro stacks up to this new weapon

But as the World Government's greater forces draw closer, it's likely only a matter of time before Zoro tests out more of his strength against the Seraphim forces. We'll see whether or not that's the case as One Piece: Egghead Arc continues in future episodes.