One Piece and Mario Unite For a Wild and Pricey Collab

One Piece is having a big year if you haven't noticed, and it seems Luffy has gotten big enough to warrant a massive crossover. As the anime's 1,000th episode draws nearer by the day, all eyes are on the Straw Hat crew to see how the Wano Country arc ends. But for the team at Fat Lane Toys, well - they're too busy mixing Super Mario into the series to worry about Kaido!

If you haven't heard, the custom toy company broke the One Piece fandom when it shared a look at an upcoming figure. The toy, which can be seen below, will bring Mario into the One Piece Universe. And as you can tell, the Nintendo mascot is put into the shoes of none other than Gold Roger.

According to Fat Lane Toys, this limited toy will stand at 25cm and give Mario the full Roger makeover. The product photos show Mario rocking the Pirate King's long brown hair, and the luscious look suits our hero. Fat Lane Toys will include several accessories with this statue including a treasure chest, flagpole, and more. And of course, some of Roger's iconic outfit has been refitted with Mushroom Kingdom iconography because why not?

Fat Lane Toys plans on releasing this figure next year, but there is a catch. The company must get 300 orders to fulfill the saleS, and then Fat Lane Toys will spend 3-4 months making the figures. Each of these figures will run $440 USD but prices can change. So if you are determined to buy this clever crossover, be prepared to turn out your wallet. 

And if you are not caught up with One Piece, you have a bit of time to do so. Funimation will air episode 1,000th stateside on November 20, and the site is streaming all of the anime up to its current point alongside Crunchyroll. And if the manga is more your speed, One Piece can be read in print or digitally through Viz Media's online vault. 

What do you think about this wild crossover? Do you think One Piece needs to rope Mario in for a collaboration? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.