One Piece Explains How Tama Arrived in Time for War

One Piece's newest chapter explained how Tama arrived just in time for the war at Onigashima! The war for Wano Country is now underway through Onigashima, and various battles have broken out for the Straw Hats and their allies. It was an especially rough start for Nami and Usopp in this war so far as they found themselves facing off against two members of Kaido's Tobi Roppo. But just when they were at their lowest, a previous cliffhanger revealed that Tama has rode in with Komachiyo to save the two of them at the very last second.

This was a huge surprise as Tama was not one of the characters fans had expected to see pop up during the final battle of the series, but it was soon revealed that Tama had arrived with not only Komachiyo but Hihimaru as well. As for how she managed to make it to the island of Onigashima, it turns out that she got a ride on an enemy ship.

Chapter 996 of the series picks up immediately after Tama and Komachiyo had saved Nami and Usopp. The three of them are able to ride away safely on Komachiyo's back, and while Nami is fine Usopp is definitely worse for wear. Tama confirms that she got a ride on an enemy ship, and it's quite the surprise as it could hint at a key role she'll play towards the end of the war.

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Although it's not quite clear just yet how Tama was able to get a ride, it's quite possible that her Devil Fruit ability helped her do so. We've seen how Tama's Kibi Dango can bring animals under her control, and it has previously worked on one of Kaido's crew members that had changed with the SMILE Fruit power. It's quite possible that she used this power to get her way on an enemy's ship.


With Tama potentially using her powers to get the enemy to her side, she could play a significant role to turn the tide back in Luffy and the others' favor should they need her. Either way, with Tama now in the mix for this battle at Onigashima she's yet another major ally we'll see fighting against Kaido's forces going forward. But what do you think? What role will Tama play in the war for Wano? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!