One Piece Tokyo Tower Shares Details of Its Final Days

One Piece as a franchise is currently putting the Straw Hat Pirates through the ringer in the Wano Arc, finding Luffy and his crew battling the Beast Pirates in order to free the isolated nation from their terrifying grip, but even during one of the most popular periods of the story, it seems that the Tokyo Tower amusement park will be closing its doors. Japan hasn't been shy about incorporating anime franchises into some of their biggest theme parks and for years, Tokyo Tower has given fans the opportunity to chill out alongside the Straw Hats and their energetic world!

Tokyo One Piece Tower was first created in 2015, creating life like replicas of the Straw Hat Pirates, letting fans play games and witness attractions that are a key part of the world of the Grand Line. The attraction is closing its doors but allowing fans to visit it one last time later this month, with park goers getting one last shot at hanging out with the Straw Hats and the attractions and games that come with them. This isn't the first time that One Piece has been a part of an amusement park, and most likely won't be the last, with Universal Studios Japan having a stage show and attractions centered around Luffy and his idiosyncratic crew of swashbucklers!

Twitter User New World Artur shared the announcement via the Tokyo One Piece Tower that the amusement park will be open for two weeks later this month before closing its doors permanently, though we're crossing our fingers that the attraction will return:

One Piece is moving closer to its finale, with Eiichiro Oda confirming that the series is definitely moving toward its end game. As it stands however, the Wano Arc is easily one of the most popular stories of the series that has appeared to date and we would imagine that now is one of the biggest times for attractions themed after the world of the Grand Line!

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