One Piece's Going Merry Sails The Grand Line With Low Cost Cosplay

The Straw Hat Pirates wouldn't have been able to sail the Grand Line as well as they could without their original ship, the Going Merry, that saw the formation of Luffy's crew, and though it might no longer be in the picture within the Eiichiro Oda franchise, that isn't stopping one fan from bringing it back to life with some key low cost cosplay. Though Monkey and the other altruistic swashbucklers would eventually find a new method of conveyance in the Thousand Sunny, the Going Merry will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Straw Hats and fans of the franchise.

The Straw Hat Pirates of One Piece definitely needed a trust worthy vessel with their captain being unable to swing thanks to his rubber body, but the damage it underwent throughout their adventures simply was too much for its sturdy frame to take. Following the crews adventures on the Enies Lobby, the Going Merry had to be given a viking funeral, with the Straw Hat Pirates giving the sea faring vessel the send off it truly deserved. While the Straw Hat Pirates have mostly been "land locked" during the Wano Arc, we would imagine that the Thousand Sunny will play a big role in the story before the arc takes a bow.

Instagram Cosplayer LowCostCosplayTh shared this insanely impressive look into how a human being can look almost exactly like the Straw Hat Pirates' ship of the Going Merry with nothing but some ingenuity and house hold items to recreate one of the most well known pirate ships in the medium of anime:

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With the Wano Arc giving the Straw Hats a series of life or death battles, we have to wonder if this epic tale will spell the end for Luffy and company's latest ship. With Eiichiro Oda sharing that the franchise is closer than ever to ending its decades long run, it seems as if any character, or vessel, might not be long for this world given the circumstances dictated by the world of the Grand Line at this point.

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