One Piece Cosplay Gives Us Jaw Dropping New Take On Chopper

In a crew filled with shark men, skeleton swash bucklers, and captains made of rubber, it's [...]

In a crew filled with shark men, skeleton swash bucklers, and captains made of rubber, it's certainly a testament to the oddity of Tony Tony Chopper that the young doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates stands out as the strangest of the bunch and one fan has given us a stunning new take on reindeer action star that has helped out Monkey D. Luffy and his crew more times than we can count! One Piece is currently taking us through the white hot story arc within Wano Country, putting both Chopper and his fellow pirates against Kaido and his Beast Pirates.

In the current story arc, Chopper, alongside the other Straw Hat Pirates, has found himself becoming stronger with a time skip that had the group of protagonists gaining more power through training to take on future threats. With the heroes of One Piece venturing to the isolated nature of Wano, Tony Tony has certainly had to put his medical skills to the test as both Luffy and his crew members have gotten into more than a few life endangering battles. With the Straw Hats currently infiltrating the head quarters of Kaido and the Beast Pirates in the franchise's manga, Chopper is sure to have a role moving forward.

Instagram Cosplayer OttieMottie shared her stunning interpretation of the reindeer doctor within the Straw Hat Pirates crew, giving us a definitively different take on the long running characters that has ventures alongside Luffy and his crew since nearly the beginning of the franchise:

Eiichiro Oda's long running franchise is closer to its end than ever before, with Wano setting the stage for one of the biggest battles that the series has ever seen. With nearly every hero and villain of the Grand Line taking part in this arc, fans could not be more excited about where One Piece is going!

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