One Piece Art Imagines Robin Wano's Comeback in Anime Style

The Wano Arc is continuing to rage in One Piece's anime, with the latest episodes focusing on the past of the country and one of its most popular residents in Kozuki Oden, the wandering samurai who is attempting to join the ranks of Whitebeard and his crew, and one fan has imagined one of the biggest moments of the latest manga chapter that sees Nico Robin swinging back into action. With the Wano Arc acting as one of the biggest storylines of Eiichiro Oda's Shonen franchise to date, fans are left waiting to see what the future holds for the Straw Hats.

The Straw Hat Pirates have all been given serious makeovers in the Wano Arc, attempting to blend into the isolated nation that holds a distinct, feudalistic Japan aesthetic, with Luffy, Zoro, Robin, and the other swashbucklers trying to blend in. Though their disguises have not helped to hide their identities for long, with Monkey D. Luffy still not afraid to leap into battle and blow his cover in the process, Robin and her crew are doing an admirable job of facing off against the hordes of enemies considering the threat level presented by Kaido and his ever-expanding Beast Pirates.

Twitter Artist Amano Moon shared this impressive take on the art style of Toei Animation, that has been delivering some stylish artwork during this latest arc of One Piece that has had some of the most explosive moments of the Shonen series to date:

In the latest chapters of One Piece, we've seen Nico Robin hilariously return to the Straw Hat Pirates' side as Sanji finds himself in a pinch that only she can rescue him from. With creator Eiichiro Oda going on record that the series is set to end within the next five years, fans are crossing their fingers that the War for Wano Arc won't take any of the lives of the Straw Hats that they've come to love over the years, with Nico definitely being a fan favorite.

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