One-Punch Man Actor Matches Saitama with Newly Shaved Head

When you are voicing the strongest hero in the known multiverses, there's a bit of pressure attached to the gig. Max Mittelman has handled the job rather beautifully with his work as Saiitama from One-Punch Man, and he's gotten to know the hero well. In fact, Mittleman is staying attached to the Caped Baldy even in quarantine due to the pandemic, and he did so with a special tribute.

Over on Twitter, the actor got the attention of One-Punch Man fans when he made an update. It was there Mittelman shared a photo of himself posing to show of his newly shaved head which makes the English dub star look remarkably similar to Saitama.

"It's not enough just to be the voice of Saitama. I must also be the strongest," the actor shared. "The secret to being the strongest is 100 days of quarantine."

It's no surprise to see how fans flocked to the photo. Mittelman is a well-known voice actor, and his love for Saitama isn't a secret. The actor has also rocked some sweet hair over the years, so this look is a definite departure. Now, fans are showing their love to Mittelman for the move, and they freely admit the One-Punch Man actor pulls off a shaved head.

Now, all the actor has to do is get to working out. Sure, 100 days in quarantine would be a lot to handle, but you need to pump harder to become like Saitama. His workout routine consists of 100 push-ups, sit-ups, and squats every single day before running ten kilometers. So if you want to become body goals like One-Punch Man, this is what you've got to do.


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