One-Punch Man Goes Viral Thanks to a Seriously Cringe Ad

One-Punch Man has been around the block a few times since its debut, and the franchise is no stranger to the Internet. In fact, the series became the hit it is thanks to online fandom, and Saitama has spurred plenty of memes in his time. The bald hero has no issue with his viral fame, and now, a brand-new ad is capitalizing on that notoriety with a seriously heavy dose of cringe.

The whole thing came to light on social media as netizens on Twitter and Reddit and beyond found the clip on their feed. In order to hype One Punch Man: The Strongest, the mobile app decided it was time to release a live-action promo, and the English version is absolutely wild.

As you can see above, the clip focuses on Saitama in his usual yellow suit, and his head is shining as always. It doesn't take long for things to take a turn as the hero begins rapping. And this time, Genos is not there to keep Saitama from embarrassing himself.

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The promo seems to be riffing off a familiar meme, and anyone who has seen Adam Sandler's Jack and Jill will recognize it. Saitama is rapping to the Dunkaccino meme of all things. So as you can imagine, fans weren't ready for One-Punch Man himself to sample the old-school meme. But if this is how the world wants to give us an Adam Sandler anime crossover, we're down for it.

Of course, this cringe ad has taken the Internet by surprise, and the publicity is definitely welcome. One-Punch Man just embarked on a new arc in its manga as Garou's whole saga ended. And of course, it wasn't long ago news broke that One-Punch Man was working on a season three. No release window has been set for the comeback, but fans are already eager to see whether One-Punch Man can right the wrongs season two introduced several years ago. 

Is this the most cringy anime ad you've ever seen? Or are there others more shameful than this one...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.