One Punch Man Cosplay Destroys Competition With Fem Saitama

One-Punch Man is easily one of the funniest anime franchises today, combining the hilarious story of Saitama with some jaw dropping action as the "hero for fun" eliminates opponents with a single blow, and one fan has given us cosplay that re-imagines the strongest super hero in his universe! With the second season of the anime having wrapped, a third season has yet to be confirmed but the love of the franchise that focuses on a man who has gained insane power from ridiculously low levels of training remains a fan favorite.

Sony Entertainment had shocked a number of fans when they announced that a live action feature length film was being created that would follow the adventures of Saitama and company in One-Punch Man. With fans wondering just which actor would be able to bring the "hero for fun" to life, cosplayers have been doing so for years, creating pitch perfect recreations of Saitama. To this day, the One-Punch Man has not been able to find an opponent who has been able to give him even the slightest of problems, eradicating villains with regular punches and once in a blue moon, having to employ "serious punches".

Instagram Cosplayer TattedPoodle shared this impressive cosplay of One-Punch Man, with Saitama wearing his full yellow costume that has been one of the trademark aesthetics in the action packed, hilarious anime franchise that made its way into the hearts of anime fans worldwide:

As mentioned earlier, a third season of the anime series has yet to be confirmed. Many fans were up in arms about the change from the first animation studio of Madhouse relinquishing the reins of the series to JC Staff, but the love of the franchise still remains. With some of the most outlandish characters and biggest battles in the medium, we look forward to the future of One-Punch Man through its anime, manga, and eventual live action film!

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