One-Punch Man Illustrator Gives Update on Chapter 133 Release

It is no surprise that fans of One-Punch Man jump whenever any news drops about a chapter release. The manga's unset schedule makes it difficult to pin down the release of any chapter, but Yusuke Murata manages to churn out quality pages on the regular. Now, it seems like One-Punch Man chapter 133 is eyeing a release at last as Murata updated fans on the project at last.

The artist took to Twitter to share the good news with fans a couple of days ago. Murata posted a short tweet informing fans that One-Punch Man would put out a new chapter next week.

"The latest [One-Punch Man] chapter will be released. Next week. We will give another update when its release is near," he shared.

Of course, fans were quick to freak out given how exciting One-Punch Man is right now. Chapter 132 continued Psykosis's fight with Tatsumaki which asked a lot from Murata. The intricately drawn battle took time to layout, but fans say the extra effort has been very worth it.

As for what will happen in chapter 133, fans expect to see more of the fight as Tatsumaki has yet to deliver a final blow. The fight has kept Murata busy as of late since chapter 132 was released over two weeks ago. But when One-Punch Man returns with a new chapter next week, fans will be happy Murata took his time on the piece.


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