One-Punch Man Creator Confirms Next Chapter Delay

While a number of different anime franchises have seen delays in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, some stories can see delays for other reasons during this time of quarantine, such as One-Punch Man as one of the creators of the hard hitting anime has announced a delay in the next chapter of the manga! The second season of One-Punch Man came to an end months ago, and while a third season has yet to be confirmed for the anime, the manga has continued to march forward as the battle against the Monster Association continues to heat up for all the heroes of the world!

The creator of One-Punch Man confirmed that the next chapter of the series would be released late as ONE and the other artists were going back to re-draw the battle that took place between Child Emperor and Phoenix Man. One of the many strengths of the series as a whole wasn't just giving us the hilarious character of Saitama as he attempted to find an enemy worthy of his strength, but was creating a world of super heroes that could stand toe to toe with the likes of the rosters of Marvel and DC Comics. Child Emperor is a technological genius within the ranks of the Hero Association who found himself at serious odds with Phoenix Man, one of the strongest beasts within the stable of monsters of the Monster Association!

Yusuke Murata shared this unfortunate update on the status of the next chapter of One-Punch Man, letting fans know that a previous fight was being re-drawn for future collections and releases of the hard hitting season that made waves thanks to its aesthetic and insane art work:


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