One-Punch Man Creator Reacts to Sony's Live-Action Plans

Yesterday, some news broke within the anime fandom that took plenty by surprise. It was announced that Sony Pictures has licensed One-Punch Man for a live-action adaptation done Hollywood style. The reveal came out of left field as the popular title was one which fans never expected to be optioned. And despite their feelings on the adaptation, it seems the creator of One-Punch Man is excited to see what comes from the project.

Recently, the artist ONE took to Twitter to share their excitement over the announcement. It was there the creator of One-Punch Man thanked fans for their support all these years.

OPM is getting a live action movie! It’s all thanks to the fans! I’m beyond thankful. I wonder just what kind of story Hollywood is going to make for Saitama. I’m super excited," the artist wrote (via aitaikimochi).

Attached to the message was a black-and-white sketch of Saitama, but it might not look how you remember. ONE channeled his web-comic roots for the drawing, so the sketch is fairly basic. There are no flourishes which you'd expect from the manga's artist, but you can bet Yusuke Murata will have something to say about the news before long.


As for the live-action project, there is no word on whether ONE will be involved in any way. Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner will pen the film's script with Arad Productions overseeing the affair. According to current reports, Sony Pictures is looking to fast track this adaptation as a priority given its inherent fanbase. If the adaptation is done well, One-Punch Man could spawn a new franchise for the Hollywood studio, and a chance at that is too hard to pass up.

What do you make of ONE's comment about the adaptation? Do you share his optimism or not? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!