One-Punch Man Announces New Chapter Delay

One-Punch Man is back in the headlines these days thanks to Yusuke Murata and for all the right reasons. It wasn't long ago that the artist put out their own animated short starring Saitama, and the gorgeous clip got the fandom buzzing big time. But now, it seems like Murata is stirring up a conversation once more in light of a delay.

Taking to Twitter, the illustrator behind One-Punch Man confirmed their next chapter will be delayed. "Thank you all for your patience," Murata wrote. "Due to various reasons, the online release of One-Punch Man's latest chapter has been delayed. Please wait a bit longer."

At this time, nothing specific has been said about the delay's reason. There could be a ton of factors behind the push. For one, Murata and several of his friends spent a long time bring their hand-animated short to life, and One-Punch Man fans agree it was worth the effort. If this delay was spurred by the short's release, well - fans are saying that is a price they are willing to pay again and again.

There is no set time for Murata to drop his next chapter, but all eyes will be on One-Punch Man in the meantime. The manga is the only medium keeping the beloved series alive right now. The anime has been quiet since season two ended, and the show's lackluster comeback has fans questioning if any future seasons will be ordered. This dismal comeback paired with One-Punch Man's disappointed console debut has cast a shadow over the franchise. But in that darkness, fans of Saitama can always count on Murata to do right by their hero and his friends.

Are you surprised by this update? Will you use this extra time to catch up on One-Punch Man if you're behind? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.