One-Punch Man Meets Rick and Morty in This Sci-Fi Crossover

If you are not caught up with One-Punch Man, we can only recommend you do so ASAP. The series is going wild at this point as the Monster Association arc continues its momentum. Of course, Saitama is running late to save the day as always, and one fan decided to explain away the issue with an appropriate Rick and Morty mash-up.

The whole thing began on Reddit thanks to the user Grafical_One. The artist inked a bit of art after reading the latest chapter of One-Punch Man, and for that, we are grateful. They decided to explain Saitama being delay with a bit of Rick and Morty magic, and we're loving it.

As you can see above, the artwork feature three familiar faces as Saitama takes the place of Morty. The obtuse hero is loving life despite all of the chaos going around him while Blast pilots a starship like Rick. To the left, Flashy Flash is taking up residence as Morty's father, Monako even got a seat aboard the ship.

Rather than help out Tatsumaki above ground, the trio is shown here amid space as they go on their own adventures. This is a bit far-fetched given the manga's current state, but Saitama has taken a long time to resurface. If Blast were to open a portal into Rick and Morty, we would not be surprised at this point. Blast and Saitama's mine cart crew are already plenty late, so it would not hurt to take some more time to themselves.

However, it doesn't seem like that will be happening anytime soon. While Rick and Morty are preparing for season five to launch, Saitama has his own thing to do. Tatsumaki and her cohorts are still fighting desperately above ground, so Saitama could help out. If Blast's portal can get them to the battlefield, things will calm down, but that is assuming no more cave-ins derail the over-powered hero.

What do you think of this crossover? Would Rick do well in Saitama's whacky universe? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.