One-Punch Man Brings Dangerous New Attention to Saitama

One-Punch Man is gearing up for a new status quo with the latest chapters of the series, and the newest chapter has brought a lot more troubling attention to Saitamathan he might be ready for! Following the massive fight with Garou and the Monster Association, the Hero Association has been doing its best to recover and rebuild to combat any future threats. As the monsters are growing stronger and the heroes are unsure of what to do next, Saitama has been brought more into the spotlight of the organization and that might not be as great of a thing for him as you would think.

With the latest chapters of the series seeing the Hero Association reorganize itself following the war against the Monster Association, Saitama has suddenly gotten more attention from the higher ups not only because he's been rising through the ranks very quickly, but those around him are starting to piece together all of clues that he's a lot stronger than they have been giving him credit for. Not only is this making him a target of the other heroes, but something much more sinister lingering out there. 

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Who is Targeting Saitama in One-Punch Man

Chapter 171 of One-Punch Man picks up shortly after Saitama was able to tear through Metal Knight's fortress defenses, and they were built to be so strong that Metal Knight himself became more suspicious about the hero. Noticing that Saitama was quickly able to reach the A rank in just over 60 days since he first joined the organization (and all of his tests were off the charts), Metal Knight will be keeping a closer eye on him moving forward. But he's not the only one. 

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When Genos tells the other heroes about what happened in the fight with Garou, Zombieman and Flashy Flash are also starting to connect the dots about Saitama's "hidden" strength. Not only that, but the God being that took over Garou only apparently started to reach out to Earth in response to Saitama's strength. So he's now at the center of attention, and knowing how Saitama rarely hides what he can do, this could cause him trouble down the line. 

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