Overlord Season 4 Reveals Episode Count

Overlord has finally returned for its highly anticipated fourth season, and the series has revealed how many episodes the new season will be sticking around for! The Summer 2022 anime schedule has kicked off officially, and fans have already been able to check out the first new releases of the season so far. It's going to be a couple of months packed with the returns of some massive franchises, and this includes the Isekai offerings as well as one of Kadokawa's biggest hits is coming back for its fourth season as Ains continues to build on his new Sorcerous Kingdom. 

The official Twitter account has revealed that Overlord's fourth season will be running for 13 episodes in total. It will be sold across three Blu-ray and DVD volume releases in Japan, and while it's going to be quite a while before it hits home media internationally, fans are able to figure out that this newest season will be sticking around for its standard single cour of episodes much like the previous three season. Given how much happens each time, you're likely going to want to keep a close eye on how it all develops. You can find the original announcement below: 

If you wanted to catch up with Overlord's first three seasons and catch the fourth season as it airs, you can now stream the series with Crunchyroll. They tease the new season as such, "Newly crowned Ains has big plans for his Sorcerer Kingdom, but so do his enemies. Deep in the mountains of Azerlisia lie the Dwarves' mortal enemy, a demi-human race, the Quagoa, gathered ready to invade. To make matters worse, other kingdoms conspire to overthrow the undead king! Will his vision for a utopia come to fruition? Heavy lies the crown, even for the guy with unlimited power."

The fourth season of the series features a returning staff from the first three seasons with Naoyuki Itou returning as director for Studio Madhouse, Yukie Sagawara returning as series writer, and Satoshi Tasaki returning to provide the character designs. The main cast from the previous seasons are returning as well with Satoshi Hino as Ains Ooal Gown, Yumi Hara as Albedo, Sumire Uesaka as Shalltear, Emiri Kato as Aura, Yumi Uchiyama as Mare, Masayuki Katou as Demiurge, and Kenta Miyake as Cocytus all confirmed thus far. 


How do you feel about this amount of episodes for Overlord's fourth season? What are you hoping to see go down in this new wave of episodes? What did you think of the first three seasons so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!