Pokemon Highlights Ash's Style In Sneaker Choices

For decades, Pokemon's anime has followed the exploits of the young boy Ash Ketchum on his journey [...]

For decades, Pokemon's anime has followed the exploits of the young boy Ash Ketchum on his journey to become one of the biggest trainers in the world, and it seems as if one fan has discovered that the protagonist's sneaker game has been on point throughout the anime's history. While Ash doesn't seem to be letting go of the reins for the anime series any time soon, his new friend Goh is keeping in step with his traveling companion, capturing some of the most powerful pocket monsters that are currently traversing the popular anime franchise.

In the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, Ash is at the top of his game, not just thanks to capturing some of the strongest pocket monsters that have been added to his roster, but also thanks to his recent win at the Alola League Tournament. Marked as the very first time that Ash has won a Pokemon Tournament, he has been going on a world tour to continue his quest to be one of the greatest trainers in the world, and in doing so has added some amazing creatures to his library of Pokemon such as Dragonite, Gengar, and others that have helped him ascend the ladder once again.

Twitter User Swift Se7en shared this impressive comparison between Ash Ketchum's sneakers throughout the years and how they match up with some of the most popular shoes that were created by Nike, Converse, and even one entry that comes directly from Crocs:

This year won't just see Pokemon Journeys continue, but it will also give anime fans a brand new film that sees Ash venture into the jungle for Pokemon Coco, aka Pokemon Secret of the Jungle, which will also introduce us to a new mythical Pokemon in Zarude. Whether or not Ash will slap on some new sneakers to blend in better with the jungle environment is anyone's guess, but based on his sneaker game in the past of the franchise, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to see Ketchum rocking some new attire.

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