Pokemon Synopsis Confirms the Return of Team Rocket's Elite Agents

Team Rocket have easily become the most recognizable villains in the anime franchise of Pokemon, and with a serious power upgrade being given to them this season that allows them to access some powerful pocket monsters, it seems as if Jesse and James are soon to have some competition in the form of the "Elite Team". In an upcoming episode, a breakdown of the installment hints at a vacation for the trio of trouble makers, which allows for their boss, Giovanni, to take their absence as an opportunity to unleash a far more powerful faction of the Pokemon stealing gang!

Jesse and James, as mentioned earlier, were given technology that allows them to access some of the most powerful Pokemon wandering the earth, attempting to use this new stable in order to add more pocket monsters to their organization's stable. While they still have Ash Ketchum and Go in their sights, even this upgrade hasn't proven enough to give them the upper hand as both human members of Team Rocket and Meowth have been defeated and shot into the stratosphere as a result of Ash and Pikachu's power. With Giovanni unleashing the Elite Team for Team Rocket, run by his secretary Matori, will Jesse and James be looking for new jobs as a result?

Twitter User Arkeus88 shared the description for the upcoming episode that dives into Jesse and James taking a much needed vacation that presents a new problem for the Pokemon swiping collective, potentially putting them out of a job when the Elite Team enters the fray:

Team Rocket has long been familiar faces in the television series, having attempted to take down Ash Ketchum and steal his Pikachu for decades. Jesse and James are confirmed to be making an appearance outside of the series later this year with the release of the next feature length film in the franchise, Pokemon Coco. While their role in the film that is based in a jungle environment have yet to be expanded upon, the trailer for the next movie in the series shows that both Jesse and James will have roles to play as Ash and Pikachu encounter a new legendary Pokemon and a "wild child" swinging from the vines ala George of the Jungle!


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