'Pokemon' Anime Unveils New Key Visual

The Pokemon Company gave fans a tease of what's ahead in the Pokemon anime over the next few months.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released a new key visual to promote the new season of the long-running anime series, which begins in October. The poster shows Ash and his classmates surrounded by their Pokemon, along with a few big surprises.

The first thing fans will notice is the presence of a shaggy-haired Eevee standing in front of Ash. The unique looking Eevee represents an obvious tie to the Pokemon: Let's Go games, which will star Eevee as one of its new leads. Also appearing in the visual are Brock and Misty, who appear to be returning to the series for a second straight year. Ash's oldest friends made a well-publicized appearance in the anime series last year, and look to be returning to Ash's side once again.

Also making an appearance is Hau, a trainer from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The character served as a friendly rival to players in the game and seems to be paired up with a Dartrix as a partner. Whether Hau becomes a friend, classmate, or rival (or a combination of all three) to Ash remains to be seen.

Finally, we also see that Team Rocket has become entrepreneurs, having picked up a food truck for the next season. While Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Bewear all appear in the series, it looks like Team Rocket has also gained a Stufful as a new companion.


One of the big questions of the new anime season is whether the show plans to transition back to the Kanto region to coincide with the release of Pokemon: Let's Go. Brock, Misty, and Eevee all look like nods to the new games, but we're still wondering whether Ash has much more to accomplish in the Alola region (outside of lose in that area's newly formed Pokemon League, of course.)

The new season of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon begins in October in Japan.