Pokemon's New PokeToon Will Make You Fall For a Hard Rock Jigglypuff

Right now, Pokemon is living the good life, and all eyes are looking ahead to what 2022 will bring. A new console title promises to usher in Pokemon's next era, and the franchise is bringing a ton of pieces together to celebrate. But as the new year approaches, it seems the latest PokeToon episode has gone live with an agenda of its own. After all, the special bypasses Pokemon Legends: Arceus and instead sings the praises of one punk-rock Jigglypuff. 

The update went live today when The Pokemon Company uploaded a new PokeToon to its Youtube channel. The Japanese clip, which can be seen above, follows a young girl named Momo as she stumbles upon a rather upset Jigglypuff. The trainer ends up befriending the pocket monster, but when Momo runs into her friend Apricot, things get wild. It turns out her friend has a Jigglypuff of her own, and things get out of hand when Momo's new companion reacts to this new Jigglypuff in their space.

As you can see, Momo's Jigglypuff is pretty self-conscious, and they feel this way because of their voice. The cute monster has a different voice from other Jigglypuff, making it too shy to sing to others. But after some encouragement from Momo, this PokeToon episode proves even hard rock Jigglypuffs can sing a gorgeous lullaby if given the chance!

Clearly, Pokemon crafted a gorgeous story for this new special, and fans are loving the idea of some Jigglypuff having different voices. Some may have the monster's classic tune, but there is nothing wrong with any Jigglypuff rocking raspier vocals. So if there is a monster out there with pipes like Mariah Carey, well – you shouldn't be that shocked tbh.

What do you think about this new PokeToon episode? Does this hardrock Jigglypuff fit in with your taste in music or...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.