'Pokemon' Anime Teases Brock, Misty Return In New Promo

Pokemon has plenty to deal with these days, but the anime isn’t about to play second fiddle to [...]

Pokemon has plenty to deal with these days, but the anime isn't about to play second fiddle to Detective Pikachu or Pokemon: Let's Go. After all, the show is about to debut a new arc, and its latest teaser has two very familiar faces in it.

Yes, that's right. Ash is about to reunite with Misty and Brock, so the Alola region better get ready. There is no telling what the trio will do once they are let loose!

Below, you can find the first preview for Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon episode 102. The anime is slated to bring Misty and Brock to the anime's tropical climate next week, and the trainers will take kindly to what Alola has to offer.

As you can see, the promo begins with Ash's friends surprising him and Pikachu. It doesn't take long for Brock to check up on the health of some local Pokemon while Ash takes Misty out to sea. The pair decide to go surfboarding, and they are joined by some water-type Pokemon.

By the promo's end, fans have a bit of understanding what is about to go down. A giant mecha suit of Meowth is seen taking on a Gyarados, and Misty is seen looking pretty unhappy about the ordeal. It seems Team Rocket is going to have something to do with this upcoming anime arc, and fans are convinced Misty is about to put Jesse and James back in their place. As for Brock — well, fans will be lucky if he even notices the battle going on around him. Nurse Joy has caught his eye even in the Alola region, and the Pokemon Breeder is seen flirting shamelessly with the heroine as usual.

Of course, this is not the first time Misty and Brock have popped into the latest season of Pokemon. The pair reunited with Ash when the boy's classmates arrived in Kanto. Misty also met up with Ash when Professor Kukui took his students to Cerulean City for a lesson on the Pokemon League. Now, these infamous characters are ready to hit up the Alola region for the first time, and audiences are excited to see how the pair fair.

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