Pokemon Art Gives Marvel's Vision the Perfect Partner

Disney+'s first foray into the world of Marvel's Cinematic Universe via a television series in [...]

Disney+'s first foray into the world of Marvel's Cinematic Universe via a television series in Wandavision might have come to a close with the conclusion of its first season, but that isn't stopping fans from creating some amazing fan art that brings the classic Marvel character, the Vision, into brand new worlds, with one artist giving him the perfect Pokemon partner. The future of the Vision is up in the air following the season finale, though Wanda, aka the Scarlet Witch, is set to return in the upcoming sequel, Dr. Strange And The Multiverse of Madness.

The latest season of Pokemon, Pokemon Journeys, has seen Ash Ketchum and his pal Goh attempting to capture the strongest pocket monsters around in a bid to continue their journeys as trainers while battling against the biggest players in the Galar region. Though Porygon hasn't had much of a presence in the season, it remains one of the most bizarre Pokemon we've seen to date, as it looks far more like something ripped out of a computer program rather than a living, breathing, battling creature. Of course, Porygon's appearance makes it the perfect match for the Vision, who is an artificial android that was given life in the Avengers sequel, Age of Ultron.

Reddit Artist Mewses Dot Com shared this impressive fan art that unites the recent superhero star of Wandavision and the bizarre-looking Pokemon, creating a pair that definitely relies heavily on the "robotic" aesthetic for both popular pop culture characters:

I drew the MCU's Vision as a Pokemon trainer! from r/pokemon

In the final episode of Wandavision, the "Vision" that was created by Wanda was erased from this world as the town of Westview was changed back to normal, though this hardly seems to be the end for Marvel's most popular synthezoid, as "White Vision" is still out in the world after inheriting his memories. Though Paul Bettany hasn't been confirmed to return for any future Marvel television series or movies, the popularity of Wandavision definitely has us thinking that we've far from seen the last for the android Avenger created by the villainous Ultron.

Do you think Porygon is the perfect partner for Marvel's Vision? When do you think we'll see Vision return to the MCU? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the worlds of Marvel and Pokemon.