Pokemon Journeys Stuns with Ash and Goh's Galarian Legendary Team Up

Pokemon Journeys: The Series officially rounded out its new arc based on the events of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and the newest episode featured a major Galarian Legendary team up as Ash and Goh battled a Gigantamax Eternatus. The anime has been adapting the Darkest Day arc from Pokemon Sword and Shield, and like how the arc progresses in the game, the final events of the arc saw Eternatus make its grand debut in the anime as a result of Chairman Rose unleashing it on the unwitting people of the Galar region.

After being introduced to the other legendaries of the region toward the beginning of the arc, Zacian and Zamazenta made their return to the anime in order to help out Ash and Goh. When they were battling against Eternatus and ran out of ways to take it down, the rusted sword and shield Goh had found prior began to glow and summoned the legendaries to their side.

For fans familiar with the events of the Pokemon Sword and Shield games, this team up was not surprising as it unfolds in pretty much the same way in the original take on the story. But the surprises in the arc came from the events afterward as both Ash and Goh experienced some major growth in the battles prior to taking on Eternatus itself. Both of them had a major evolution in their parties, with them now having a Lucario and Cinderace helping them out in this final battle.

And like in the original games, the battle against Eternatus ended with Ash and Goh surprisingly being able to capture the fierce Legendary within a Poke Ball. It won't be joining their teams for the rest of the series, of course, but catching it brings Goh one step closer to catching all of the Pokemon in the franchise!


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