Pokemon Cosplay Heats Things Up With Scorbunny

Scorbunny was one of the brightest new stars of the starter Pokemon that was introduced in the Galar Region of Pokemon: Sword & Shield, and one fan has decided to honor the flaming rabbit with some unique Cosplay of their own. With Scorbunny acting as the right-hand man to Goh, the new traveling partner of Ash Ketchum in the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, we've watched it evolve from a starter to the powerful final form of Cinderace. Needless to say, the pocket monster has a bright future in both the anime and the video game entries of the franchise.

Goh and Ash have been traveling the world in an attempt to capture some of the strongest Pokemon that they've ever encountered, with the former actually managing to capture a Mythical Pokemon in Suicune. Along this journey in the latest season of Pokemon Journeys, Scorbunny has evolved over the course of the episodes, transforming to a Raboot and then its ultimate evolution in Cinderace. Needless to say, Goh is well on his way in assisting his friend Ash Ketchum in taking down the champion of the Galar Region in Leon, who has been the latest conquest that the Pokemon trainer are attempting to overcome in the latest saga of the anime.

Instagram Cosplayer Shellanin shared this impressive take on Pokemon's Scorbunny, using some impressive Cosplay skills to help in bringing to life one of the starters of the Galar Region that made it big in the latest video game of the series in Pokemon Sword & Shield:

Goh's initial agenda was not only encountering Pokemon that he had never seen before but also doing the impossible in capturing the ancient Pokemon known as Mew. While he has yet to add the psychic Pokemon to his roster, Goh is definitely keeping pace with Ash's journey to become one of the best trainers around. Though it doesn't seem that Ash is giving the reins of the series to Goh in the future, the new travel companion is certainly setting himself up to be one of the most powerful trainers in the world at large.


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