Pokemon Cosplay Brings Fan-Favorite Companion Serena to Life

One Pokemon fan has brought the fan-favorite travelling companion Serena to life through some [...]

One Pokemon fan has brought the fan-favorite travelling companion Serena to life through some awesome cosplay! Ash Ketchum might not have changed much himself despite how many years and iterations of the Pokemon anime journey he's been on, but the anime has always shaken things up in different ways. Not only did each new iteration of the anime introduce Ash to a whole new region (which was usually introduced with whatever corresponding newest release of the video games was), but also saw Ash journey through this new area with new Pokemon teams and travelling companions.

Fans of the series definitely have their favorite companions introduced through the franchise, and it can be a pretty heated debate about which one truly stands out among the rest. The vocal majority of fans are mostly in support of the companion introduced into Ash's Kalos region adventure in Pokemon the Series: XY, Serena (who recently won a major popularity poll in Japan). Now Serena's introductory look has come to life through some excellent cosplay from artist @mochiiimarie on Instagram! Check it out below:

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Serena's such a popular travelling companion among fans, in fact, that there's a huge desire to see her return to the anime proper someday. Her parting moments with Ash during the series were quite explosive as her emotional goodbye seemed to imply that she had romantic feelings for Ash. This is definitely something fans have latched onto through the years, so there's an eager wait to see if Ash and Serena will ever meet again.

The opportunity to do so has come with Pokemon Journeys: The Series as it has used its premise of exploring past regions to bring back some major familiar faces from the older series. This includes companions like Iris, future returns for rivals like Gary Oak, teases of Gym Leader returns, and more. So if Serena ever does come back to the anime, now is the perfect time to do so as Ash has made his way back to the Hoenn region (where Serena was seen to be going when she said goodbye) on a few occasions

What do you think? Where does Serena rank among your favorite of Ash's travel companions from Pokemon's anime overall? What are some of your favorite Serena moments? How do you think Ash would react to seeing Serena again someday? Let us know all of your thoughts on Ash and Serena and everything Pokemon in the comments!