Pokemon Reveals Ash's Reaction to Iris' New Champion Status

Pokemon Journeys: The Series revealed Ash's reaction to Iris' new Champion status with the newest episode of the series! Ever since it was teased that Iris would be one of the familiar characters making their return to the anime, fans had been anxious to see how the two would treat one another upon their reunion. The two of them have grown quite a bit since they have adventured together through the Unova region, and the newest episode revealed just how much Iris has changed with a full promotion as she's become the Champion of the Unova region.

Episode 65 of the series officially aired in Japan recently, and with it came the confirmation that Iris has since become the Unova Champion just as she was in the Black and White 2 games. With this reunion between the two former travel partners, the episode also revealed Ash's reaction to seeing Iris has become the champion...and surprisingly did not mention his own.

Episode 65 of the series sees Iris reach out to Ash for a battle as the two of them are both competing in the World Coronation Series. With one battle left before he enters the Ultra Class, Ash agreed for the chance to not only win but reunite with one of his own pals. Flying to Unova, Iris hilariously makes a huge entrance for their reunion and it's here that Drayden (whose gym the two are using for their battle) reveals that Iris has become champion.

Ash is shocked at first, but it's nowhere near to deter him as he's eager to test his skills against the Unova Champion. As Iris lords herself over him (just as she did way back when), humble Ash does not reveal to her that he's actually a champion of the Alola region. He probably didn't think to bring it up since they are both in Unova at the moment, but it certainly would have leveled the bragging rights playing field. Then again, since he wins their reunion battle he got all of the bragging rights he needs.


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