Police Arrest Mother and Son Over Pokemon Counterfeit Ring

Starting a family business can be rather stressful, but there is something to be said about enjoying shared successes with it is with your mom. Over in Japan, one son learned this when he teamed up with his mother to make some quick cash, but their '. After all, the pair were arrested in Tokyo after it was discovered the mother-son business was little more than moving counterfeit Pokemon plushies.

As reported by SoraNews24, authorities in Japan arrested a 23-year-old male and his 39-year-old mother. The former worked at an office by day while their mother did part-time work, but they spent lots of time together pushing counterfeit Pokemon merchandise into the market. The pair specifically focused on importing knock-off card mats from China before selling them online in Japan at a markup.

The report says the pair were taken in for question while evidence was recovered at their home. It turns out the mother-son duo earned nearly $20,000 in less than a year thanks to this scheme. After all, they would buy the fake Pokemon mats for about $7 USD and sell for close to $30. That is a serious markup, and the mother-son pair kept all of their illegal proceeds.

Pokemon Journeys Pikachu
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

As for why they decided to import faked Pokemon goods, the pair have their reasons. The two admitted their guilt when asked, and the son said he began selling counterfeits to make more money. His mother said the same thing, but the lady insisted she was more interested in earning her son money than anything else. Either way, their under-the-table business has gotten them in trouble with the law, and Officer Jenny is ready to throw the book at them.


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