Pokemon and Digimon Join Forces with This Starter Crossover

Pokemon and Digimon fans have often debated over which anime universe has the better 'monsters' [...]

Pokemon and Digimon fans have often debated over which anime universe has the better "monsters" within their franchise, but one fan has managed to bring the two series together by uniting the "starter" creatures from each of these legendary stories. With the likes of Pikachu, Charizard, Agumon, and Gabumon to name a few, the artist responsible for these has brought together the two monster anime universes, imagining what would happen if the Digi-Destined were to meet the likes of Ash Ketchum and company with a crossover that fans have been waiting to see for years.

While Pokemon is clearly the more popular franchise between these two, Digimon and its digital monsters have created a passionate fan base that has been propelling the series to new heights with its anime installments and frequent video game releases. While Digimon isn't a series that focuses on "trainers", but rather young "Digi-Destined" that are chosen to save both their world and the virtual landscape, the two series hold a lot in common when it comes to their overall monster battles and how their respective monsters evolve over time. Pokemon's anime has continued to shine the spotlight squarely on Ash Ketchum throughout its history, and while Digimon has brought back the original cast of Digimon Adventure for its recently rebooted series, the franchise will normally have a rotating cast of characters for each new series.

Twitter Artist Kira Dra H shared this impressive take that imagines the "starter" monsters of both the Pokemon and Digimon series leaping into action side by side, creating a crossover for two of the most popular anime franchises in the past decades:

While there are a number of similarities between these two monster focused anime franchises, Digimon's focus on digital worlds certainly sets it apart from the likes of Pokemon, the two are currently competing to see which can create the most monsters for their series. Currently, Digimon currently have around 1400 different digital monsters, while Pokemon currently has around 930 pocket monsters to its name in turn.

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