This Pokemon Fusion Gives Rayquaza a Ghostly Makeover

When it comes to Pokemon, there are over 800 monsters to fall in love with, but that is not enough for some fans. They have found new pocket monsters to love as fans continue creating their own Pokemon or even fusing existing monsters within the franchise. That is what one artist did when they combined Rayquaza with Dragapult, and we are obsessed with the ghostly result!

You can check out the piece down below which Reddit user Souiftos posted. The Pokemon fan felt it was time to give Rayquaza an edgy makeover, and there was no better way to do so than with Dragapult. After all, the ghostly dragon has one of the best designs out there, and it pairs perfectly with Rayquaza.

Of course, fans are trying to figure out the best name for this fusion. Draquaza is a solid choice but so it Rayapult. It is up to you to decide what you like the best and whether you'd even want this Pokemon on your team.

Fusion : Dragapult + Rayquaza ! from r/pokemon

If we go by stats alone, it seems like this fusion would be a mighty monster in battle. Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon with both Dragon- and Flying-type origins. It is one of the most powerful monsters out there and can even Mega Evolve, but Dragapult is no pushover.


The Pokemon is considered to be a pseudo-legendary one with Dragon- and Ghost-type origins. While this monster must be evolved, its prehistoric roots and cursed power are impressive to say the least. When you combine this with Rayquaza, only good things can happen, so we have to say this Pokemon Fusion is one of the best out there yet!

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