Pokemon Promo Promises an Emotional Ash Reunion

Pokemon Journeys began as a result of Ash Ketchum's big first win as a Tournament Champion within the Alola Region that was the main focal point of the previous season in Pokemon Sun And Moon, and it seems as if a new promo is hinting that a big reunion is in the works for our current Pokemon protagonist and his former supporting cast. As Ash struggles with his defeat at the hands of the Galar Region trainer, Bea, a visit to old friends definitely might be the shot in the arm that Ash needs to move forward.

Following his championship win in the Alola League, Ash left the region to start something of a "victory lap", deciding to take on a new "side kick" in the form of Goh, who is a fellow trainer who grew up in the same town that Ketchum had. Focusing on capturing the strongest pocket monsters that his roster has ever seen, Ash has been on a winning streak through the series of Pokemon Journeys but unfortunately found himself running into the "brick wall" that was Bea. With his sights still set on defeating the current champion of the Galar Region in Leon, it looks like Ash still has a ways to go before reaching his goal.

Twitter User AniPokeFandom shared the promo for an upcoming Pokemon Journeys episode that features not only a reunion between Ash and his former friends in the Alola Region, with Kiawe deeming that he needs to battle Goh in order to determine whether he is "rival material" for Ketchum:

Ash was able to find a number of friends in Alola that were able to assist him in finally becoming a Pokemon champion, which took decades for the anime to finally achieve for the protagonist. As is usually the case between seasons of the anime, Ash switched his pocket monster stable, keeping Pikachu of course, to capture new ones on his world tour and this tactic has definitely paid off dividends so far.

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