Pokemon Goes Gundam With This Galarian Mech

Mobile Suit Gundam may have just finished its fortieth anniversary with the beginning of 2020, but [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam may have just finished its fortieth anniversary with the beginning of 2020, but that isn't stopping fans from celebrating the series by creating fan art of the franchise crossing over with other popular anime, with one artist deciding to link the series with that of Pokemon! In the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Pokemon: Sword & Shield, a new regon was explored in Galar, featuring not only new pocket monsters for trainers to catch, but variations of classic creatures that we came to know and love. Now, one fan has decided to fuse the new Pokemon Orbeetle with a Gundam mech suit!

Mobile Suit Gundam's fortieth anniversary may have come to an end, but that isn't stopping the franchise from staying in the minds of fans, as Gundam Plastic Models, or Gunplas for short, are celebrating its anniversary with 2020. During the pandemic, Gunplas have been flying off the shelves as fans find themselves desiring to form some of their favorite Gundams in real life. While a Gundam Satellite has been announced to be a part of the Summer Olympics this year taking place in August in Tokyo, we're crossing our fingers that everything will go off as planned!

Reddit Artist HeroMedley shared this fusion of a Mobile Suit Gundam and an Orbeetle from the recent chapter of the Pokemon video game franchise, that imagines what would happen if a pocket monster were to enter the world of space faring, intergalactic warfare:

I took a swing at turning Orbeetle into a Gundam. from r/Gundam

Pokemon has explored the Galar region not only through Pokemon: Sword & Shield, but also through its main anime series as well as the spin-off series that is Pokemon: Twilight Wings. The new region has helped to distinguish itself from other regions of the world of pocket monsters with inclusions such as "Wild Areas", where Pokemon roam rampant for trainers to battle and capture, as well as Gigantamax Pokemon, pocket monsters that have the ability to transform into much larger versions of themselves.

With the current season of the anime, Galar has definitely been featured in a big way, as a battle between Ash Ketchum and the current champion, Leon, has been hinted at as being one of the biggest upcoming battles in the series' history!

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