Pokemon Cosplay Gives Ho-Oh One Hilarious Makeover

One Pokemon cosplay has given Ho-Oh a legendarily hilarious makeover! The Pokemon franchise is currently celebrating its monumental 25th Anniversary this year, and while fans are curious as to what the massive franchise could be planning to cap off the celebration, it's also a fitting time to look back on just how far the franchise has come as a whole. Through video game, anime, manga releases and more, Pokemon has introduced fans to nearly 1000 monsters since it first began. The top of the mountain are the various Legendary and Mythical Pokemon introduced with each generation.

The second generation introduced a whole bunch of new Legendary Pokemon to the collection, and this capped off with two new Legendary Birds, Lugia and Ho-Oh. Ho-Oh remains one of the elusive, yet gorgeous Pokemon in the anime's version of the franchise but this gorgeous bird got one peculiar makeover from artist Low Cost Cosplay. Taking Ho-Oh's rainbow wings, the artist gave them one surprisingly sweet yet very hilarious new look. Check it out below:

The Pokemon anime has been spending its time to look back at the past of the franchise as well as Pokemon Journeys has followed Ash Ketchum and new hero Goh as they venture through not only the new Galar region from Pokemon Sword and Shield, but through every region of the past thus far. There have been a number of Legendary Pokemon that have made appearances throughout this newest iteration of the series as well, and Ho-Oh was one of the big names that made a return when Ash and Goh briefly made a visit to the Johto region in an early episode.

Ho-Oh is one of the most important legendaries in the anime overall as it was the first one that Ash managed to spot during his journey. This was far before the franchise even revealed its official name, so it just goes to show how important Ho-Oh has been to the anime all along despite its counterpart, Lugia, getting more of a showcase in films and TV. But what do you think?

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