Make Pokemon Hot Chocolate with This Adorable Togepi Bomb

Hot Chocolate Bombs have gone viral more than a few times in the past, with fans of the sugary confection sharing videos of these dissolving delectables that are dropped into hot cocoa, and a Pokemon fan has shared a chocolate bomb of their own creation that incorporates one of the most adorable pocket monsters in Togepi. Togepi might be best known by fans of the anime, as the egg-type Pokemon was raised by Misty in the early episodes of the television series that documented the first adventures of Ash Ketchum and his friends as they tried to be the "best there ever was".

Eventually, Togepi would find itself leaving the side of Misty, who was normally joined by the likes of Staryu and Psyduck, wherein the tiny pocket monster evolved into the creature known as Togetic. Though Togepi hasn't been since nearly as much as the earliest days of Ash Ketchum's earliest days as an aspiring Pokemon trainer, it's clear that the cuteness of the creature continues to make it a fan favorite. Pokemon Journeys, the current anime season, hasn't been shy about bringing back characters and Pokemon from Ash's past, so it definitely wouldn't be a surprise if we one day see Togepi, or Togetic, make a return to the anime.

Reddit User Miscellaneous Mao shared this impressive homemade Hot Chocolate Bomb that unveils a Togepi when it is dropped into hot chocolate, easily making for a bomb that would work well within any official Pokemon merchandise if the franchise decided to venture into this market:

I made an egg-shaped hot chocolate bomb with a homemade marshmallow inside. Oh? It's hatching! from r/pokemon

Currently, the anime is following Ash and his new friend Goh attempting to build their respective Pokemon with some of the strongest creatures that they've ever encountered, in hopes that they will be able to defeat the champion of Galar, Leon. With the likes of Suicune, Gengar, Dragonite, and others rounding out their libraries of Pokemon, Ash, and Goh has become forces to be reckoned with. While Goh has yet to achieve his goal of meeting the ancient pocket monster known as Mew, he certainly is spending his time wisely never the less.

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